Looks like its a Medieval Theme for awhile

medieveal plate.jpgThe weather has been a bit cooler so I found myself in the studio starting a Medieval dinner set that I had promised to do for a friend of mine some time ago.

And with a truly international group of tools I set to with gusto.  It feels so good to mould the clay between my fingers.  A huge thank you to Peter Heyning for making the stamp for me.

P1070768.JPGCan you spot a couple of the tools  I am using that came from my time at the Pottery Studio in Jingdezhen China.   It seems like only yesterday I was immersed in a totally different culture, feeling Jingezhen porcelain clay slip through my fingers in an ancient city with an ancient ceramic past.

I try to find, buy or adapt tools or techniques from wherever I go and use them in my ceramic practice.

Todays efforts reminded me of my clay adventures at TAFE Lismore, ANU Canberra, Jingdezhen China, Armidale and Abbey Festival Bribie Island.

Such Happy Clay days.



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