Third Fingers Left Hands

Raku Clay Mixed Media 

Deborah Gower April 2010  Up In Smoke Exhibition Piece to fit inside a matchbox. Currently touring Australia.

White Raku clay, fired to bisque with underglaze. Third Fingers Left Hands represents the rough preparation couples have before getting married. The roughness of nails and fingers shows how the coming years will chip away from bodies not properly prepared for weathering conditions.  Lying on a bed of tissues ready to absorb wedded tears, the fingers are tied together with bands of gold. Cheap curling ribbon symbolising the future couples face in an economic and environmentally challenged world.  With experience that could fit inside a matchbox, their wedded dreams could go Up In Smoke at any time.   


2 Responses to Third Fingers Left Hands

  1. How about a pic?? 🙂

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