Reduced Lustre

Oh how I love reduced lustre – Pieces made under the tutition of Bob Connery – Stokers Siding Gallery.  Bob left us on 13 December 2013  but he will always be in my thoughts.  Each time I mix a glaze, hold a piece of lustre, look at a tea bowl – I remember Bob and the lessons he taught me about glaze materials, form, function and how to see the things that really glisten in life.  RIP Bob Connery.

5 Responses to Reduced Lustre

  1. Hi Debbie
    We did a workshop with Bob on the Sunshine Coast a couple of years ago. The pieces I made are still being admired. I considered trying to make the glazes, then looked at the prices of the raw ingredients and decided it was too expensive. I fantastic opportunity though. Good to be in touch with you through Facebook. Regards

  2. These are very sweet Debby, I look forward to learning about the reduced lustre as well. You seem to have a tertiary rainbow of collies with these pieces. Rather lustrery!

  3. Joan says:

    Dear Debby, just love your reduced lustre results. We had Bob for a workshop at Gold Coast Potters too. While enjoying the whole process and results, like Ellen found the getting set up and started out of my reach, so I content myself by visiting Bob’s Gallery from time to time and shopping. Why “reinvent the wheel”? My aploogy for your opening in Drake on the 24th however we’ll be there a few days later to see what you have all been up to. Best Wishes Joan

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