WW1 Centenary Commemorations – Scouting Out Our ANZACS


What a wonderful opening for the Scouting Out Our ANZACs exhibition at Mullum Library on Saturday morning.  Thank you everyone for making the opening a wonderful experience.  The exhibition is showing at the Mullum library all through November 2014.

pan scouts quinpan scouts malP1020127P1020128P1020125P1020132P1020123

13 August 2014 – Well we are doing our best to get our paintings and sculptures finished for the November exhibition.  Thanks to the enthusiasm of the scouts we will be well finished on time. They are a fantastic group of young people.


30 July 2014 – Scouting Out Our ANZACS – A joint collaboration between the Mullum Scouts and PAN artists Angele van den Heuvel, Ros Collins and Debby Gower is gaining momentum.  Wednesday we spent a great night starting our canvasses and beginning some sculptures.

Scouts 31 July 2      Scouts 31 July 4Scouts 31 July       Scouts 31 July 3

I can’t wait to see what next time brings as we look at the impact of World War 1 on local soldiers and their families and build on our artwork.  Our work is inspired by how we all feel about what an event that impacted on so many lives.

Happy clay days




poppy france 1

23 July 2014

Angele Van Den Heuvel  and I had our first chat with the Mullumbimby Scouts last night – What a fantastic group of young people. We are all looking forward to working together and having our art/ceramic exhibition Scouting Out Our ANZACS in November this year.

WW1 1914-1918 and the world commemorates 100 years since that war. To respect our local soldiers, together the local scouts and PAN artists Deborah Gower, Angele  van den Heuvel and Ros Collins will be researching World War One in relation to our local Mullum area to inspire us to create a number of artworks.

And in November we will be having an exhibition of our work at the Mullumbimby Library (stay tuned for more details)

Happy clays everyone – especially to our new Scouting friends.


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