Be a part of my art – Just Pick your favourite

For my end of year exhibition (Adv Dip Tafe ceramics) I am having an exhibition based on the work of Ellis Rowan, an inspirational Australian wildflower artist.

I am making some pieces centring around orchids and native Australian plants. 

It would be wonderful if you would have an input into one piece which will highlight the need to save these precious plants. It is very easy.

Can you please go to the Queensland Museum link

There are 3 Ellis Rowan paintings here.  Can you please reply here to tell me which painting is your favourite.

Picture one, two or three.

You can tell me why you like it if you want. That would be great – But just a number one, two or three would suffice.

I will make a ceramic piece based on the one that is liked the most.

“Marian Ellis Rowan (1848-1922), wildflower painter, was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and began exhibiting her flower paintings in about 1873. After meeting the world-travelling English artist Marianne North in 1880, Ellis Rowan began a life of travel and adventure, stressing the importance of painting her subjects in their natural setting. She travelled in Queensland in 1891, 1892, 1911, 1912 and 1913 to make a fairly systematic record of the flora.”

Pic 1: Harpullia alata with two Tailed Emperor Butterflies. Watercolour and gouache by Ellis Rowan, 1911.

Pic 2: Giant Waterlily, Nymphaea pubescens, with a Giant Petaltail dragonfly, Petalura ingentissima. Watercolour and gouache by Ellis Rowan, 1911.

Pic 3: Alpinia racemigera with Ulysses Butterflies, Papilio ulysses Linnaeus. Watercolour and gouache by Ellis Rowan, 1911.

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9 Responses to Be a part of my art – Just Pick your favourite

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Cool project. I say #1. Enjoy!

  2. robyn mconie says:

    hey deb….interesting project….happy to help….my pic is #2….giant waterlilies & dragonfly……

  3. What a great project!! Can’t wait to see what germinates (sorry bout the pun !). At first I liked painting #2, but think I will vote for #3. Its an unusual flower shape and quite striking. Looking forward to seeing the project. Terrie

  4. Stu says:

    My favourite is # 3 especially with the blue butterfly which i think will really draw the eye to it.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished item!

  5. Jenny G says:

    Number 3 is my favourite. Love the bold leaf forms and the contrasting blues and creams of the butterflys and flowers.

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