Last Chance to have a say in Living Next Door to Ellis

Thanks everyone for voting.  End of May and end of voting for your favourite flower.  Next Monday I will give the final winning figures but suffice to say that at the moment No 2 still has the winning edge. SO if you havent voted yet or know someone that might like to have a say then please  Go to the Queensland Museum link There are 3 Ellis Rowan paintings here. Can you please email me or fb me to tell which painting is your favourite. Picture one, two or three. You can tell me why you like it if you want. That would be great – But just a number one, two or three would suffice. Then I will be designing a ceramic piece and having fun making it based on the pic that is liked the most.

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4 Responses to Last Chance to have a say in Living Next Door to Ellis

  1. Ronda Clark says:

    I liked 2 best as the water lilies are elegant and lovely

  2. alex says:

    3 🙂

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