Banksia pieces for End of Year exhibition are taking seed

Yesterday was a huge day at TAFE 8am to 6pm – playing with clay all day – happy but tired clay days

I have a few banksia vase/sculptures drying now.  Three have gone through a bisque firing already.

Two I sculptured yesterday turned out great – hope they survive the kiln. 2 more to do I think and then onto the Ellis Rowan Picture no 2 piece. Giant Waterlily, Nymphaea pubescens, with a Giant Petaltail dragonfly, Petalura ingentissima. Watercolour and gouache by Ellis Rowan, 1911.

It has been sitting with me – ideas are swirling around – hope they translate to the clay well – we will see. 

Only four months to go and pieces all need to be finished – better get my skates on

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