Hi everyone – I am working away at my end of year exhibition pieces

All of my banksias vases survived the kiln. Today I did a test with one and painted the inside of the lips 3 coats with Red Desire Underglaze, then a coat of clear glaze then a wax resist ready to do the rest of the vase in black. Will see if its works out ok.

The orchids are coming along nicely and I have a few designs for the Ellis Rowan Picture no 2 piece. Giant Waterlily, Nymphaea pubescens, with a Giant Petaltail dragonfly, Petalura ingentissima. Watercolour and gouache by Ellis Rowan, 1911.

Apart from this I have been busy with a sculpture called Mother Natures Secret Library for the Byron Bay Writers Festival. More details and a pic will follow when the exhibition opens.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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