Mother Natures Secret Library

My Mother Nature’s Secret Library art piece will be on exhibition at the Small but Passionate exhibition at the Wayward Gallery, Byron Bay.  With all the excitement in the lead up to the Byron Writers Festival this is an exhibition not to miss.

Thanks so much to Harlequin publications for the Mills and Boon book covers. Makes you want to spend a wicked night curled up with  some chocolates, a glass of wine and a good M&B bedtime story full of passion and intrigue.

The sculpture show is passionately curated by Dev Lengjel.  Artists exhibiting are Usama Al Nassar, Jim Blower, Lelli Brown, Michael Bulloch, Ray Cavill, Daniel Clemmett, Samantha Collyer, Jonathan Crowther, Karl de Waal, Debby Gower, Erica Gray, Annique Goldenberg, Mike Gregory, Noel Hart, David Hickson, Allen Horstmanshof, Ken Johnson, Christina Khumari, Jeanette Krohn, Anne Leon, Hayden Mathrick, Suvira McDonald, Monte Lupo, Susie Olsen, Potts, Mel Robin, Otto Schmidinger, Hopi Steiner, Kylie Stoddart, Lucy Valder, David Walsh, Mick Ward, Rebekah Seriah Webster, Luke Zwolsman


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1 Response to Mother Natures Secret Library

  1. Anna says:

    Sounds great! I recognise Suvira McDonald’s name – post some images if you can or a link?

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