Free Native Seed Balls for visitors

Your chance to Help Tree Up Your Local area and be part of a virtual exhibition.

Humphrey Herington and Eastern Forest Nursery have made it possible for the first 50 visitors to the 3in1 exhibitions at Big Time Gallery Drake 24 September – 17 October to receive a free seed ball with native seeds to repopulate the local area.

Members of our community can then be part of the virtual exhibition simply by throwing their seed balls into an appropriate area and taking photo’s of their seeds growing. Then send the photo’s to the website here and they will be put up as part of the virtual exhibition.

Going out to collect the seed from the nursery not only did I get some valuable advice from Humphrey, I was also lucky to spot a koala. Hopefully there will be a few more trees for the koalas after we have thrown our seed around.

The exhibitions (including Living Next Door to Ellis) open Saturday September 24th 1pm and continue until October 24th Bigtime Gallery 8/9 Bruxner Hwy, Drake Ph: 0267376790

Working with Eastern Forest Nursery, 848 Bruxner Highway, South Gundurimba, NSW 2480 who provided assistance and materials for the seed balls, has been another example of the local community supporting the arts and helping the environment at the same time.

“Throwing the Seed – Over to You” project will continue on from “Living NExt Door to Ellis” as photo’s of the seeds growing and rejuvenating our native species are exhibited on the website

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2 Responses to Free Native Seed Balls for visitors

  1. Matthew says:

    G’day my names matt
    i realy dig your ceramic works ill have to try make it to an exhibition some time
    I really liked your idea of giving out native seed bombs , was just wondering what area this was in, what species you used , if any fertilizer was added to the clay pellet to start the seed off and did it work out for you , as a native plant enthusiast and freelance bush regenerator-if thats a real thing i was stoked to see somebody do something like this

    • HI Matt It was in the NOrthern Rivers area of NSW. My computer crashed a few months ago and i lost a lot of info but the seed balls recipe etc came from
      a project done some years ago by the Edge Qld. Recipe I did was a bit different but there have been lots of seed bomb recipes around apparently. Mine was a simple, a few seeds, some compost and ball clay. You just have to be careful you get the right seeds for your area. thanks for commenting I have been away and am still catching up corro kind regards Debby

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