100 Seed Balls waiting for 100 artists to spread their seed

100 Seed Balls Drying out – Waiting for the opening of the Living Next Door to Ellis exhibition

Thanks again to Humphrey Herington Eastern Forest Nursery for supplying the native seed.

50 seed balls are drying containing Sally Wattle Acacia Melanoxylon, Forest Red Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis and Grey Ironbark Euclayptus propingua – suitable for Lismore Tenterfield Drake area – Waiting for 50 people to spread their seed

50 seed balls are drying containing Brush Boy Lophostemon confertus, Red Cedar Toona, and Swamp Mahogany Eucalyptus robusta – suitable for Mullumbimby area – Waiting for 50 people to spread their seed

1. Collect your free seed ball from the 3in1 exhibitions at Big Time Gallery Drake 24 September – 17 October
Humphrey Herington and Eastern Forest Nursery have made it possible for the first 50 visitors to receive a free seed ball with native seeds to repopulate the local area.

2. plant your seeds, take pictures of the trees as they grow and send them to me to put up on the website.

3. Put some of your artwork in the pics and you, your artwork and a growing native plant will be part of a virtual artwork on this website.

The exhibitions (including Living Next Door to Ellis) open Saturday September 24th 1pm and continue until October 24th Bigtime Gallery 8/9 Bruxner Hwy, Drake Ph: 0267376790 email:bigtimegallery@gmail.com

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