Sculpture in the Paddock

Sculpture in the Paddock at Bangalow Showground, During the Show Weekend: 19th and 20th November
8 local sculptors in participation with 8 local farmers have explored farming history to create a variety of sculptures including cows, family trees and chooks.
The show, curated by Dev Lengjel, shows the work of sculptors Daniel Clemmett, Suvira McDonald, Jim Blower, Samantha Collyer, Hayden Mathrik, Allen Horstmanshof, Mel Robin and Noel Hart.
Participating farmers are The Jarrettʼs, the Garrets, the McKenzieʼs, Jan Hulbert, Bob Guest, the Nobles and the OʼMeara family.

This is a new initiative and it is hoped that it will run for the next three years and involve other artists and farmers.

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