TAFE Funding to be cut – Please sign if you care about the arts

Please sign http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/fund-art-education-in-nsw-tafe

“On September 11 the NSW government announced that it would stop funding art education in TAFE, leaving 4000 students without access to finishing their courses in 2013. TAFE Art courses are the main provider of art education in NSW, with many prominent artists getting their first ‘hands on’ training in TAFE. The withdrawal of funding will mean that only the wealthy will be able to afford private art education and NSW will suddenly find it no longer has emerging artists with skills coming through.”

“The cultural sector is an economic force, contributing over $30 billion to Australia each year – the arts not only create jobs but also create communities that are more vibrant, cohesive, healthy and innovative. TAFE in NSW puts the ability to make art in the hands of people, without regard to their age, wealth or background. TAFE provides hands on training that develops the skills necessary for artists to succeed. TAFE art students go on to work in many art roles across other industries – in museums and galleries, in community health and local government, in entertainment and hospitality industries. Many of them set up small businesses teaching, producing and selling their art. We undersigned petitioners therefore call on the Legislative Assembly, the NSW Premier, the Minister for Education and the Minister for Arts to recognise the value of TAFE arts education to NSW and to ensure it continues to be funded at viable levels that makes it accessible to all.”

If you care please write to your local members, state members and Ministers.

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1 Response to TAFE Funding to be cut – Please sign if you care about the arts

  1. Linda Starr says:

    the most important things are cut first, sad.

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