Oh What a week it was

Well what a week it was – Adelaide Ceramics Triennial – was fantastically informative, thought provoking and just down right inspirational.

Penny Byrne enthralled us all with her subversive ceramic sculptures.  I was particularly thrilled because she had pictures of her new exhibition Iprotest.  Penny’s attention to detail in the manipulation and alteration of old ceramic figurines creates powerful messages and stunning art works.  You can see more of her work at http://www.visualarts.net.au/gallery/pennb

And the one and only Vipoo stole the show with his presentation. You can see more of Vipoo’s sensational work at http://www.vipoo.com/gallery.htm

There have been lots of pictures on the internet of the major exhibitions so i will just include a few fav pics

Australian Ceramics Association  50th Anniversary Vase Show – My little Banksia is at the back on the left

Jeff Mincham

Penny Byrne and Debby at the Adelaide Ceramics Triennial 2012

and at the South Australian Art Gallery – one of my favorite pieces by Stephen Bowers.  As you all know i am a lustre fanatic so I was also thrilled to see some pieces by William De Morgan with some nice ruby lustre.

I could keep posting pictures but for now I will sign off and try to post some more info and details about my time at the conference as I get time.

Back to my studio to make more works. Happy clay days everyone

and dont forget to check out Mud Colony this week – It is sure to be fantastic with all the goings on – clay, ceramic and pottery good times.


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