“Dayu” at the art CUBE

“Duya” by David Shaw is at the art CUBE this month.  Check it out at Byron Shire Council foyer in Mullumbimby.

"Dayu" by David Shaw

“My work is mainly abstract, the product of my imagination, but inevitably influenced by my life and surroundings. Since moving to Byron Shire about seven years ago I have had much to inspire me within the shire, the sheer beauty of the place, the almost tropical ambience, living in an area once volcanic, with so many dramatic features.
Creating art is a lonely, self – indulgent, self – gratifying pursuit. After the creative process itself the greatest joy for an artist is to know that people may enjoy what is produced. If you like what you see here you may wish to visit my next exhibition commencing on 1st May at Ballina Community Gallery, Cherry Street, Ballina.
The exhibition is dedicated to the founder of an English language programme in rural Bali where I work annually as a volunteer; my proceeds will go to that cause.”

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