Zion Paints Happy


Pic: Zion Levy Stewart and curator of the ART CUBE Debby Gower enjoying Zion’s art work.

At the smallest gallery in the Byron Shire, the Art CUBE, this month I am so happy to have local artist Zion Levy Stewart exhibiting his work.
“Let me paint your portrait” An exhibition by
Zion Levy Stewart
29 June -26 July 2013 at The Art CUBE, Foyer, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby 2013

Zion Levy Stewart is the latest artist to exhibit in the art CUBE in the foyer of the Council Chambers in Mullumbimby. “Let me paint your portrait” showcases the passion that Zion brings to his creative portraits. Affectionately known as the CUBE, curator Debby Gower says “The CUBE is the smallest Gallery in the Byron Shire and its all about promoting local 3D Art. It’s a pleasure to have locals and tourists engaging with the energetic and vibrant work that Zion creates.” Zion has exhibited in a number of local and interstate venues including solo exhibitions at Lulu’s Cafe, Mullumbimby: Serpentine Gallery Exhibition, Lismore: Australian Ceramics Triennial “Off the Edge” at Chrissy Cotter Gallery, Sydney: Ocean Shores Arts Expo “The Elements”, Ocean Shores NSW 2010: IncREDible Art Show, Byron Bay.

Collaborating with other artists in Northern Rivers, Zion has exhibited for R.E.D Inc. R.E.D Inc aims to see young people with disabilities viewed as valued and respected community members, experiencing a fulfilling range of life opportunities and choices. Additionally Zion has also had several commissions for portraits, various paintings and ceramic pieces over the past few years. His work is in private art collections in the US, UK and here in Australia.
A love of life gives Zion the inspiration to be “interested in the world outside, full of summer, people, wallabies, birds, snakes and fish. When I make art it makes me feel happy and I love being an artist. My art is very happy and makes people smile. Let me paint your portrait and you’ll be happy too.”

Anyone wanting to be happy getting their own portrait painted can contact Zion by email at christine@ourdreamings.com

For Further Media Information Contact : CUBE curator: Deborah Gower 0408120358 Gowerpdr@bigpond.com

And if you wanted to know why I haven’t posted for awhile –  during some exciting extreme gardening adventures – I dislocated my shoulder, apart from being unable to butter my toast, put my hair back, I haven’t been able to play with clay. Yes it was the right arm too so typing, writing or any of my usual habits also went by the wayside. Left handed typing of a 2000 word assignment was an incredible feat but I managed to finish it and submit to complete the Writing About Practice subject.

A huge thank you to my son for all his help over the last few weeks when Driving Miss Debby became his not so favourite past time.

And while playing with clay is still awhile away at least I am getting on with some other work that can be done with no lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying etc including checking out what is happening with Mud Colony this week – ohhhhhhhhhhh cant wait come and join me at http://mudcolony.blogspot.com.au/

happy clay days

Deb xxx

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5 Responses to Zion Paints Happy

  1. Jayne Bawden says:

    As a fellow extreme gardener I feel your pain. Now is the time of introspection, planning, and mentally preparing for your next adventures when your strength returns. My suggestion, start small!

  2. Anna's Ceramics says:

    oh how awful for you… I missed you blogging but thought you might be on holiday, Wrong.. 🙂 you must be due some good times…

  3. Anna's Ceramics says:

    oh and I love Zion’s portraits :^)

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