British Ceramics Biennial – A journey through the old Spode factory


P1080516 P1080523 P1080553 Whether its transfers, sculptures or simply ceramics, each of the exhibits brought a little bit of the old Spode factory back to life.  It’s quite an emotional journey seeing the factory rooms – sometimes just as people left it when they were told the factory was closing.  But through the interpretations of some of the most amazing ceramic artists,  the British Ceramics Biennial has given us the opportunity to relive a piece of the past, absorb ourselves in the present state of the ceramics industry and inspire us to create our own  ceramic futures. Check out the exhibitions in person at Stoke On Trent – Old Spode Factory until Nov 10 or

and you can also check out what other ceramic artists are up to at Mud Colony

Happy Clay days


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2 Responses to British Ceramics Biennial – A journey through the old Spode factory

  1. FutureRelicsGallery says:

    Old factories are so much fun to explore but touring an old ceramics factory would be heaven.

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