Navigating the Art Cube in February.


Its Changeover at the Art Cube in Mullum today.  I love my curating job.  I had the pleasure of meeting up with local artist Bruce Pringle and installing

Navigator by Bruce Pringle,  3 February 2014 – 3 March 2014 at The Art CUBE, Foyer, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby

Mullumbimby, NSW, 3rd February, 2014

Bruce Pringle is a blacksmith and metal artist based in Byron Bay, New South Wales. He specialises in traditional forged decorative iron, iron and Stainless Steel jewellery, stainless steel utensils, knives, bronze casting and sculpture for both exhibition and commission.

“I use a strange clay, of terrible purpose, malleable to the instincts of art.” says Bruce. His work has gained international recognition over the last 30 years and he continues to pursue higher levels of excellence in the blacksmithing and sculpture fields. Bruce is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading artistic blacksmiths and metal sculptors, whose work has been described as “Music in Metal”

Bruce’s piece NAVIGATOR is inspired by the Pacific Marshall Islanders’ stick-maps of palm frond and shells.  This piece is about knowing in our bones how we come to be in this place. The flight of birds, winds on water and deep currents in thought, triangulate with dreams and stars to bring us home.”

Welded steel and gold leaf $1,850.00

You can see more of Bruce’s work at or and can contact him at

For Further Media Information Contact :

CUBE curator: Deborah Gower

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