Safe Journey little Poppy


poppy france 1

My Poppy is beginning the first leg of a long journey to France to be placed at the
gravesite of my relative Ernest Ainscow who died in WW1 and is buried in Trois
Arbres Cemetery Steenwerck.

Thank you so much to the students of Saint Monica’s in Cairns who generously offered to hold a Eulogy Service at his gravesite, during their visit to France in 2014.  Ernest sent some flowers home to his sister Lucretia during WW1 and he always asked about friends and family and mentioned his beloved Cairns whenever he wrote.

So to have the Cairns students visit his gravesite almost 100 years since he died and pay their respects to a young man (19) who gave his life to protect his family and friends is, to say the least, appreciated more than they can imagine.  Thank you Saint Monica’s Cairns, Safe Journey to you all and Safe Journey to my little poppy “Lest We Forget”

ernest ainscow pic wordpress

Happy clay days


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1 Response to Safe Journey little Poppy

  1. Anna's Ceramics says:

    what a touching story.. they were so young and so idealistic.. my grandfather came home thank goodness as he left his wife and two little boys to fend for themselves while he went off to war. When he returned he became the first Registered Psychiatric Nurse in NSW and fathered another four children.

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