Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Australia

I went to a thought provoking Symposium yesterday “Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Australia” at the Queensland Museum There were interesting papers presented including one on the French Mission to Australia in 1918 and stories relating to Australians who fought in France in World War 1. There were some amazing objects with stories to tell that relate to WW1. Descendants of the owners of the items were also in the audience giving the objects a tangible link to our history.

P1010613  P1010610P1010614

The relationship between France and Australia cultivated through WW1- a horrendous moment in history – will forever be a relationship of shared memories, lasting friendships and future endeavours.

It is through the ANZAC Centenary that I will be taking inspiration for new clay works. More to come ………..

Happy clay days



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2 Responses to Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Australia

  1. Anna's Ceramics says:

    we are yet to unravel the curious history of my Dad’s family. While we grew up thinking the family name was French, and stories of uncles who fought in France in WW1, the original ancestor to arrive in Australia was born in Frankfurt in the 1840’s… I find your research interesting..

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