Lest We Forget – Re-Membering Our ANZACs 2014

_DSC0046_a     Photo by Paul Schneider Photographics

Lest We Forget by Deborah Gower (2014)

Re-Membering Our ANZACs 2014

Ceramic 40cm diameter

“Our boys served their country honourably. The figures vary but from a population in Mullumbimby district of around 1000 at that time it seems at least 233 men enlisted, 23 were killed overseas, 13 discharged through injury and 2 invalided; although some put the numbers much higher. This was a huge percentage of our fledging community. Most of our boys were aged between 19 and 43 with the majority being less than thirty years of age. While many came from farming and timber-cutting backgrounds there were also labourers, a mounted policeman, school teacher, white collar workers, postal officer and a cordial maker just to name a few occupations.

“And at the going down of the sun each day at the Ex-Services Club in Mullum we will remember them”


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