Alert not alarmed :)


I was up early this morning and probably so was the rest of the village because I managed to set the alarm to the building off not once but twice – Oh dear. I think I have it sorted now. 🙂

Then I was playing with clay. My most favourite thing to do. I also met a wonderful lady named Beatrice who spoke English very well and we had a chat.

Today was a very good day clay wise. The clay is earthernware, quite soft and is easy to work with.  I understand we have booked the kilns to fire my work so I am praying the pieces dry quickly.  It is always an unknown for me when I work with different clay.  Especially since I have specific deadlines for this exhibition.  I am praying to the kiln gods already 🙂

Hoping you all have a creative day today wherever you are

Debby xxx

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