Pheasant Wood

This afternoon I ventured into Pheasant Wood.  It is in this place that 250 Australian Soldiers were buried and lay unidentified until 2009. Then an Aussie school teacher decided to do some research and found the grave site.  After much paperwork I imagine, excavation proceeded and then DNA identification has taken place.  One of ladies at Mullumbimby is presently being DNA tested to identified one of the soldiers Albert Paton.  Pheasant Wood is such a peaceful spot.  And indeed on my first day here I saw a pheasant flying into the woods as if to say hello.  In the wood all you can hear are the birds.  All you can see are trees and woodland.  It is hard to imagine the bombing and the mud and the horrors of 100 years ago.

P1020958  P1020949 P1020947P1020959


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