Merci – Fromelles – A wonderful community

I was totally stunned to receive the most wonderful gift from the town of Fromelles. I felt very welcome and a part of this gracious community. Thank you Jean-Gabriel Masson and the community of Fromelles for this beautiful gift and for letting me share in your community lives.  To my hosts Gerard and Monique, Jean-Gabriel and Christine, Hubert and Therese, Veronique and Franc, Nicole and Joseph, Laurence and Olivier, Therese and Eddy.  To the people I have met and have assisted me in so many ways including Jean-Pierre and Silvie, Beatrice, Brigitte, JosieAnne, Natalie and Anita, Fredrique and the teachers and staff of Cobbers School, the staff of Fromelles Association and Council.  And to the parents and children of Fromelles – Merci Beaucoup for letting me share in your lives and your community over the last few weeks.  Deborah xxx


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