Au Reviour and Merci my Fromelle Families and Friends

Saying good bye is so hard – Last night my Fromelles Families all got together to give me a farewell. Each and every one of my families has had a very special part of my heart and they have been part of the most wonderful experience of a life time. It was a very special moment and in my emotional (quick for those who know me well) I forgot to say the biggest thank you of all to Jean-Gabriel Masson. So here is my thank you to you – for all you have done from organising my families, lunches, the school, the studio, materials, emergency remedies, my 2 Exhibitions, transportation, outings, Pheasant Wood, Commemoration Ceremonies, dinners, ANZAC Day and the list goes on – For you to do this on top of your own employment, your wonderful family and the many other things you do for the service of the community – I sincerely thank you – Merci Beacoup

Fromelles holds a special spot in my heart – in part or mostly – because of my wonderful Fromelles Families and Friends xxx Deborah

P1040203 P1040194

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