Why enter art/ceramic competitions


I came across this Art Prize site the other day as I was surfing the net – confined to air con in the heat wave that was last week.

And it got me thinking about why I enter exhibitions and competitions. So are some of my thoughts- please let me know your thoughts and why you enter –

# It gives me experience in making items to a deadline and maybe a theme
# Challenges me to do something different
# Makes you feel like I am part of something bigger – contributing to a whole ceramic/artist community
# Gives me an avenue to sell my work
# Creates an opportunity to meet other artists and ceramicists
# Gives me an idea of where my work is placed in the arts community

What are your thoughts on exhibitions/competitions – Please send me your thoughts = post a comment

Happy Clay Days
hugs Debby

PS: Next week I will share some of my learnings about entering exhibitions.

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2 Responses to Why enter art/ceramic competitions

  1. suvira says:

    Competitions and community awards offer an opportunity to show without the full-on commitment of an exhibition. I take the opp to show something I have recently completed that I would like to show. It always looks better on a plinth elsewhere than in my studio with the chaos and dust. I am often surprised when I return to the show with some objectivity.
    The outside chance of a sale is always lurking backstage in my mind but with the fickle art market, we dont hold the breath do we? However, there is the other outside chance of a formal recognition… can be good, very nice to be recognised amongst our peers. Happens sometimes.

    • Yes Suvira – I am always amazed at how pieces look so much more – on a plynth, in a professional setting, with good lighting. Such an honour to see one’s art work so beautifully displayed. Thanks for sharing Cheers Debby

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