Welcome to 2012

Hi everyone – wishing you all a wonderful 2012.

My year has started beautifully. I am honoured that Tammy Jo Potter has tgagged my name (along with lots of others)on her 365th cup for 2011. She really is fantastic – Check out her blog at http://www.hobbypotter.com/​365claycups_tammybio.html

I also have 2 pieces exhibtied at Byron Arts Classic – Byron Bay NSW. Congratulations to all the winners – It is a fantastic exhibition but ends today. http://www.byronartsclassic.com.au/arts_classic/index.html

Also check this out: It might be just right for you

ARTIST WANTS A LIFE – National Call Out | National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd
National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd – Would you like to be part of ARTIST WANTS A LIFE, a unique arts lab that will take place in Central Australia in April 2012. ARTIST WANTS A LIFE, a lab run by and for artists, is open to practicing contemporary artists in any form or discipline

and whatever 2012 brings you – I hope it a creativley successful one

Happy clay days


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2 Responses to Welcome to 2012

  1. Anna says:

    happy New Year to you too.
    I was up north recently but had to stick to that notorious Pacific Hwy – one of these days I’ll be able to spend some time in your part of the woods :^)

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