Merry Christmas and happy clay holidays

Just wanted to say Merry Merry Christmas to each and every one of my family, friends and clay buddies and followers. May you have a safe and happy Christmas wherever you are and however you celebrate the holiday period. Hope a flash mob flashes you somewhere this Christmas and something creative Pops Up when you least expect it

Debby xxx

C Heck out this Christmas pop up

And so It is Christmas – and what have I done – certainly not a full list but one to reflect on with gratitude that I have family and friends, made new friends, have a passion for ceramics that I can share and the health to create what I love

So what did I do in 2012 –

Hugged family and friends all year but held them a little tighter in December

Made bowls for Empty Bowls charity event at Gold Coast Potters

Joined as a Volunteer at Tweed Regional gallery and saw Border Art Prize – WOW

Completed my Grad Cert Vis Art at Australian National University

Struggled some days

Made lots of Banksia ceramic vessels

Had fun fun with my ceramic buddies Stu, Reb and Batman that I originally met at TAFE 3 years ago culminating in a visit to the Asia Pacific Triennial at GOMA QLD

Entered a few exhibitions and competitions

Worked hard

Saw lots of wonderful exhibitions around the Northern Rivers area

Said “see you on the other side” to some good friends

Holidayed in Cairns

Got my kiln checked out after a few error messages and a couple of explosions

Checked out facebook – what a world of information

Made some different ceramic works eg Surfing Dry River Beds

Did my first market stall

Fun fun fun at Adelaide Ceramic Triennial

Started curating the Art Cube at Mullumbimby

Joined Mud Colony and met some of my Mud Colony buddies in the flesh and if you want to see some of their amazing work check out the Mud Colony Blog – the last for 2012 but we will be back February 2013.

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3 Responses to Merry Christmas and happy clay holidays

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Deb you certainly had an eventful year! I hope 2013 is as good for you.

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