Happy Happy 2013 Clay Days everyone

Oh My Goddess – Its 2013 already – Happy New Year everyone

And its going to be a big one –

New Years Resolutions aren’t really my thing – I will be just continuing my ceramic journey into lustres, sculptures with environmental statements, volunteering at Tweed Art Gallery and happily contributing as a member of Revolutionary Ceramicos, Gold Coast Potters Association and Byron Shire’s PAN Artists network.  PAN artists have an exhibition planned in Ballina in May so I will be looking forward to taking part in that exhibition as well as a few other exhibitions through the year.

I am back at Australian National University doing my Masters of Visual Arts and as part of that I will be spending a couple of weeks in Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory, China.  SO stay tuned later this year when I will be sharing some new information and pictures of my learnings in China.

And I have added one new task to my list for 2013.  I have created a Gratitude Jar and it is quickly filling up every day with things I have to be grateful for.

Gratitude Jar 2013

Gratitude Jar 2013


I have so much to be grateful for – good family, friends and the ability to pursue my love of ceramics are just a few and there are little things every day that fill up my world.  SO with my 2013 attitude gratitude – I should get to the getting –

Today I was at Tweed Regional Art Gallery helping stuff those envelopes full of fantastic news about whats happening at the gallery.  So much is coming up and just a reminder about this week : Friday 18 January Ken Done “Sea Gardens” and Erica Gray “Rubber Gloves, Sharp Teeth and Other Pointy Bits”  open.

This Saturday 19 January is a special evening with Ken Done.  Bookings with credit card details are essential $30 Tickets are limited. For details please contact the Tweed Gallery


Tomorrow its back into playing with some clay and in the spirit of getting the hands dirty again here is a favourite video that I love to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQcbcl0lof0 over and over again –  Potter is Ron Dahline and you can see more of his work at http://rondeeclayworks.com/gallery.htm

And Mud Colony will be back soon but in the meantime why not have a surf through last years awesome posts from my awesome Mud Colony mates

Happy Clay days for 2013 everyone


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One Response to Happy Happy 2013 Clay Days everyone

  1. Anna says:

    Sounds like a great exhibition coming up with Ken Done’s work. thnx for the link – rather grotesque but very clever :^)

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