Turkey – where East meets West and I met with tradition

Hi I’m back.  We have just had the most amazing holiday overseas where I discovered links with the past, enjoyed the present and was inspired for ideas for future ceramic posts.  I will put up some pics during the next few days to give you a taste of what I experienced.

Turkey ceramics were detailed with intricate patterns that all had historical meaning.  It was interesting to see the Iznik tiles and how some patterns were repeated on new works to give a new twist to old traditions

.P1070218 P1070333

P1070300 P1070412And the visit to Anzac Cove and Lone Pine Memorial gave me inspirations for my upcoming works on “Discovering Ernest” a relative who died in World War One.

Inspiration is everywhere if we only take the time to open our eyes and of course to remember.

Lest We Forget

Debby xxx

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