Can’t Beat a Stokie Bloke

stokie bloke

My very own Stokie Bloke guards over my kiln in Mullumbimby.

Visiting Stoke on Trent I was lucky enough to do tours of the Wedgewood Factory, Moorcroft Factor, Emma Bridgewater Ceramics as well as the Potteries Museum and Gallery and the highlight was Spode Factory and the British Ceramic Biennial.  It was interesting to see the difference between how each factory created and decorated their pieces. While throwing, slip casting, mould making are staples the decorations differ from “Paste on paste” at Wedgewood to  slip tube lining at Moorcroft and transfers and stamps at Emma Bridgewater.  The constant I found was the passion, sense of pride and dedication that each of the workers had at every factory.  If you get chance go.

Wedgewood P1080345 P1080352

As for me I am back with my new kiln god – My very own Stokie Bloke who blesses my kiln and reminds of the passion that ceramic workers all over the world have in our wonderful profession.

happy clay days


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