Mullumbimby Remembers Fromelles

“Forever Together” by Deborah Gower 15 July 2016 – 1 August 2016 at The Art Cube, Byron Shire Council Foyer, Mullumbimby

forever togetherErnest Austin Ainscow 1898-1917 When researching my family tree I discovered my father’s cousin a young Cairns lad man who enlisted in World War 1 Like so many young men Ernest died defending his country.  His was buried in Trois Cemetery in France – so far from his beloved Cairns.

His mother received a medal with one star for the loss of one son.  Of ancient sculptures dedicated to long forgotten wars and fallen soldiers, few remain intact and often limbs and heads are missing.  Bronze sculptures were popular and the two sculptures here symbolise Ernest and his sister Lucretia both scarred by the barbs of the war, but being held together by poppies – a symbol of remembrance.

This month the Art Cube is honoured to be exhibiting the work that inspired the “Once Lost Never Forgotten” seven week project in Fromelles France.  The Project takes inspiration from the battle of Fromelles and the efforts to identify some of the 5500 men who lost their lives in 24 hours on 19/20 July 1916 at that battle.  Through the gracious hospitality of Jean-Gabriel Masson Maire de Fromelles, my host families and the community of Fromelles I worked with descendants and school children to remember the ANZACs and develop artworks for exhibition.  Forever joined as allies through the events of the First World War, France and Australia have a shared history.

It is my honor to hold a reciprocal exhibition at the Ex-Services Club in Mullumbimby based on my experience in Fromelles.  The exhibition is held for the month of July 2016 to coincide with the 100th commemorative service of the Battle of Fromelles.

“Once Lost Never Forgotten – 100 Year Commemoration of the Battle of Fromelles France” by Deborah Gower 15 July 2016 – 1 August 2016 at Club Mullum Art Space, Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club, Dalley St, Mullumbimby

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2 Responses to Mullumbimby Remembers Fromelles

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi Debby, I was reading all about your interesting project to the memory of WW1 soldiers. I was wondering if you were acquainted in the course of your project with descendants of the McKeown family of Mullumbimby who had 5 ex service men and a nursing Sister in the family. Bill, Geoff, Frank and Alice (a former patroness of the Mullumbimby RSL ladies Aux), serving in WW1 and Herb and Rob who served in WW2. Their father was Ebenezer McKeown and moved up there in 1919. I am working as a volunteer with the Kuring Gai Historical society on the family as they were from a pioneer family of the Pymble area here in northern Sydney. I have yet to hear back from the M ex services club. Any information, contacts, or photos would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Margaret Reynolds

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